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Spring Session Runs March 27th-June 10th
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Guided Gym Buddies (Parent Participation):
$125.00 per 11-week session; For Walking Toddlers up to 2-years old
45 minute class once a week

For your toddlers who are walking to 2 years old! This class gives your child the opportunity to try different activities such as climbing up, over and through, bouncing, hanging and swinging! This class will be structured to ensure a safe environment for you and your toddler to have fun and explore together!

Gym Buddies (Parent Participation):
$125.00 per 11-week session; For Walking Toddlers up to 2-years old
45 minute class once a week

For your terrific 2 year olds! This program provides an opportunity for children to discover the wonderful world of gymnastics with the comfort of having Mom, Dad or another significant adult in attendance. Children will develop motor skills such as running, jumping, and rolling as well as kinesthetic awareness in a safe and caring environment.

Tots 3 and Tots 4:
$125.00 per 11-week session; For 3 and 4-year olds
45 minute class once a week

For your incredible 3 and 4 year olds! We teach with comfort. That means we would like your toddler to come into the gym by themselves, however, should they need your presence for reassurance we welcome you into the gym. At ages three and four we continue the discovering of love for gymnastics. This program includes gymnastics vocabulary, positions and skills as well as developing social skills like taking turns, respecting others and self-control.

Basics, Intermediate, Advanced & General Gymnastics:
$130.00 per 11-week session;For Ages 5 & Up; Girls & Boys
One-hour class once a week

Girls General Gymnastics: We teach gymnastics skills on all 4 pieces of equipment on a continuum so every student will continue to be challenged, while also meeting their desire to be grouped with other students their own age.
Basic Through Advanced Tumbling: 1 hour Tumbling classes are designed to teach proper tumbling technique, flexibility, and strength. As well as expand a child's spatial awareness and motor planning skills in a safe environment.

Tumbling & Trampoline:
$165.00 per 11-week session
1.5 Hour Class once a week

Basic through Advanced coaching on tumbling and trampoline skills. This class is designed to build strength, flexibility and coordination using various tumbling surfaces and trampolines.

Fit Games:
$130.00 per 11-week session
1 Hour Class once a week


Looking for a Challenge?
Try Our New Training Track Program!

$300 for 11 weeks ~ 1.5 hour class twice a week!